Thursday, April 14, 2011

Restting your ZAAPTV

**Disclaimer: Please do the following at your own risk, I will not be held responsible for any data that may get lost. This is information from my experiences that I am sharing with you, either take it or leave it, and I am not responsible for anything that happens.**

Now after this lengthy and wordy disclaimer is out of the way, I received several inquiries on how to reset ZAAPTV to your factory settings, I don't remember if the user manual that came with the device covered that or not but here is what I have done and it worked. This usually solves a lot of problems associated with the device not acting up correctly.

Press your "Home" button.

At the main menu, select "Settings", then select "Factory Defaults". From here you have 2 options either a "Soft Restore", which reset's your settings and does not delete your favorites, bookmarks..etc. and there is the "Full Restore" which technically should return the device to the same condition it was bought and that will delete all your favorites, bookmarks..etc.

That should hopefully fix your problems.

Using either restore option will erase your network information and you have to set it up again.

I recommend if you have a USB disk to eject it first, by going to the the same "Settings" screen described previously and selecting "Eject USB Disk".

Different devices may have different menus, so look around and you will find it.

Let me know if this info helps or not, and so others may learn from our experiences.



  1. This does not work for me. Pressing the home button does nothing.

    The box will do is turn on, display the "Zaap TV" menu, sit there, and then turn off.

    Is there another way to load firmware onto the box either through usb or connecting to the box's ip?

  2. Anonymous,

    I am very sorry to hear that. The problem you are talking about, I have not encountered before. Have you tried sending an email to their support? This is their email address (

    Have you tried contacting the company you bought it from (reseller)? They might be able to point you in the correct direction, specially if its still under warranty.

    Updating the firmware as you mentioned needs to be done through ZAAPTV. I don't think they released any firmware updates yet. This is most probably an OS problem not a firmware issue. Your OS files could have been corrupted.

    I will try to find out some more info about this issue, if you could tell me what was the last thing you did that you think could have triggered that problem?


  3. Anonymous,

    Going over the user manual which is 2 pages long! I came by a reset option by pressing the Red power button for 8 seconds. Try that and see what happens.

    I contacted ZAAPTV about the problem you are having and they said I need to talk to my reseller, have you tried contacting them?


  4. I have the same problem, " Data Recovery Mode"
    Due to multiple abrupt power shutdowns, this POD has gone into inconsistent state. in order to recover from this state full factory resteration is required..... press OK to restore but it will restart again and same message will appear

  5. I have the same problem, I tried contacting them over and over. These guys have the worst customer service ever. I will never recommend this device to anyone.

  6. Have the same problem with Jadoo2 tv box:

    Due to multiple abrupt power shutdowns, this POD has gone into inconsistent state. in order to recover from this state full factory resteration is required..... press OK to restore

    When I click OK, It shows that the restoration is in progress. But it never ends.

    1. Here is the Support Service message i got:

      Dear Customer ,
      Due to some internal hardware malfunction , your unit is not responding to the cleanup push message from our end properly . There is no other means of debugging that can be done to resolve the issue .

      The default warranty on Jadoo unit is for 90days only,since the unit is out of warranty we would not be able to replace the unit .

  7. iam facing a problem in zaap tv iam trying to reset it but i dont know the code and they dont put it on the manual so how can i get it ,


    1. Hi Sara,

      I'm facing the same issue. Need to reset the device to factory defaults, but missing the code number. Did you find it?


  8. tengo un problema no quiere conectarse wifi como lo puedo resetear para que quede original de fabrica

  9. I have problem with my HD509N showing the recovery system screen, I am trying to reset it but I failed would you please help on this ?